This Week’s Workouts

This Week's Workout

The 2017 Tone It Up Bikini Series starts tomorrow!

If you who don’t know Tone It Up (TIU for short), it’s a fitness brand that reaches out to millions of women. It was started by two best girl friends, Karena and Katrina. I don’t even remember when I stumbled across their website. Maybe a year ago?

Honestly, I’ve only followed TIU on and off for the past year. That’s because I have some personal worries that looking at their Instagram feed makes me set unrealistic expectations for my own body. Although Karena and Katrina talk a lot about loving your body, all of the transformations they feature are thin girls with really defined muscles. Other programs I’ve followed seem to have much more realistic before and after photos. Fit Girl’s Guide, for example. Plus, this summer I realized that I need to diversify my social media feeds. (Maybe I’ll talk about that in another post.) This diversity includes looking at different body sizes. TIU isn’t exactly the best program for me to achieve that goal.

But what keeps me coming back to TIU is the Daily Workout. Every day, the website lists some suggested strength moves and videos to follow. There’s usually a theme to the moves, like arms + abs, booty, HIIT, total body, or cardio. The best part about this is that it’s free! Almost. Sometimes the videos for the day are on the Tone It Up DVDs, which I don’t own. Whenever that happens, I just look up a free video based on the day’s theme.

daily workout

Even though I have my qualms about TIU, I appreciate the Daily Workout because it takes the guesswork out of my fitness. I like variety. What I don’t like: planning a weekly routine that is well-rounded and effective at increasing my overall health. I’d rather leave that to the experts. So with TIU, I can open the Daily Workout on my iPhone as soon as I wake up in the morning. I recently saved the link on my screen so it’s even easier to get to. Since I did that, there have been a couple of mornings when I hop right out of bed and do some of the moves in my nightdress!

I like fitness because it gives me the opportunity to accomplish a clear goal. I like being able to point to something and say “I did that,” or “I didn’t do that.” Since I don’t currently have plans to run a half marathon or marathon, I’m looking at the bikini challenge as that something. I started last year’s bikini challenge really strong. But then I slacked off about halfway through. So my goal for this bikini series challenge is to 1) make it to the end of the 8 weeks and 2) turn the TIU Daily Workout into a habit that sticks.

Last week, Karena and Katrina suggested planning out workouts for the week. I pretty much do that anyway. In my head. I hope putting my schedule here will give me a little extra boost to kick off the week.

Monday: circuit training at the climbing gym and TIU 5 Toning Moves

Tuesday: 30 minute run and TIU 5 Toning Moves

Wednesday: circuit training at the climbing gym and TIU 5 Toning Moves

Thursday: 30 minute run and TIU 5 Toning Moves

Friday: yoga and 20 minute walk

Saturday: TIU Arms + Abs and 20 minute walk

Sunday: 30 minute run

The Saturday and Sunday workouts may switch. It always depends on when my boyfriend wants to run, since I’ve finally convinced him to run a 5k with me.

What’s your workout schedule look like this week?


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